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Effective March 31, 2021, Game Bird Central will cease to exist.  Consequently, new subscribers and new listings are no longer being accepted.

Subscribing to Game Bird Central Game Bird Central is a subscriber service.  Subscribe on-line using the form provided below; complete payment on-line using the PayPal links provided.  If paying by check please provide the information shown on the form below and include it with your payment.  Please refer to the "Submit Your Information and/or Pay By Mail" section below.
We accept  checks and PayPal

The intent of GBC is to provide an easy and effective means by which buyers and/or sellers may quickly obtain current information on the availability of game birds.  Game Bird Central is not a "brokering" service or agency.                        

Listings All listings will be added to the web site within twenty-four (24) hours or less of receipt by GBC. Listings not showing dates available and listings for adult flight birds will run for three weeks then they  need to be renewed.  Egg and chick listings with dates given will be left on the site until the dates have expired.  

September 1 In order for mature game bird availability information to be current, all listings for adult birds will be removed on September 1.  At that time, subscribers may re-list adult birds providing dates and quantities available and will need to update these listings every three  weeks through March 31.  Please notify GBC if birds are placed or located before the twenty-one (21) days are up.  If birds have not placed or located by the end of the twenty-one day period it is the advertiser's responsibility to notify GBC to continue the listing.  

Fees The yearly subscription fee is $50.00.  Subscribers may place unlimited listings for this yearly fee.  Direct links to subscribers' web sites are offered for an additional $15.00 per year.  A limited number of banner ads are available on each page for $200.00 per banner .  

Service We reserve the right to "refuse service".

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Contact Rob Sexton at the North American Gamebird Association

Game Bird Central does not knowingly accept false or misleading advertising.  We subscribe to the NAGA "Code of Ethics".   Advertisers should honestly portray their products. 


Game Bird Central does not assume any liability for, or guarantee the quality of the eggs, chicks, or birds listed within this web site.  Game Bird Central assumes no liability or responsibility regarding the financial transaction between the buyer and seller, nor do we guarantee the sale of any product listed.      


All transactions are strictly between the buyer and the seller; this service is a subscription information/advertising service only.   


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