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“Game Bird Central has filled a need in the game bird industry.  We are very satisfied with the contacts we have made through Game Bird Central”.  Bill MacFarlane, MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc., Janesville, WI.


“I've used ‘Game Bird Central’ since it began and it is a great marketing tool.  It is also reasonably priced.  I have had numerous phone calls and e-mails regarding eggs, chicks, started birds and flight birds from around the country. The results of those phone calls and e-mails were remarkableIf I should need flight birds for an unexpected contract, I would go to and could immediately locate producers, within a reasonable distance, who have birds available.  The bottom line is, ‘IT WORKS’"!  Joe Stich, Elk Creek Gamebirds, Chanute, KS.  


“We have had good results from our listing on Game Bird Central.  It is quick, it gets industry wide coverage, and it is very cost effective.  I would recommend Game Bird Central to anyone.”  Ron Rockers, Rockers Pheasant Farm, Greeley, KS.

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